Correction Fluid


Paper Mate Correction Fluid

  • Fast drying
  • Smooth premium coverage
  • Foam wedge applicator for fast corrections
  • Corrects ball point get roller ball and most marker inks
  • .74 fl oz.



Paper Mate Correction Pen
Paper Mate Correction Pen

  • Features unique squeeze control that allows fluid to be dispensed easily, evenly and accurately
  • Double ball tip resists clogging
  • Precise tip is ideal for correcting individual letters and numbers
  • Correction fluid is fast drying
  • Allows for premium coverage


Paper Mate Liquid Paper Dryline Correction FLuid
Paper Mate Liquid Paper Dryline Correction Fluid

  • Break resistant correction tape in a full-sized, ergonomic dispenser
  • Turn-screw feature that allows you to rewind tape in case of looping
  • Side applicator allows you to see errors as they are corrected
  • Instant corrections without a mess


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